Best Italian Restaurants in NYC

Best Italian Restaurants in NYC

Compiling top Italian restaurants in NYC sounds a bit challenging because of the sheer number of them. Outside of Italy itself, New York offers some of the most incredible Italian restaurants that you are going to find anywhere.  Narrowing down the best to just five wasn’t easy and you may have a completely different opinion, but here are our choices.

I Sodi

Visit the restaurant for delicious pasta and authentic Tuscan dishes. Wine lovers here will fall in love with an exotic collection of wine with comfy chairs in the compact bar. It is a neighborhood restaurant where you can easily roll into and fetch a seat at the bar without making a reservation. You can get anything from simple salads covered with cheese to seasonal items like chestnut tortelli, and magnificent 20-odd-layer lasagna.  Give it a try!


Walking into the restaurant gives you the feel of those classy movie versions of Italian restaurants. The tuxedoed waiter here will serve you the delicious food on the table and prepare table side Caesar salad. The soothing music played here will take you back to Italy in the ’50s. Though it stands on the pricey side, don’t forget to order mouth-watering garlic-and-chili-suffused angel-hair pasta to treat your taste buds.  This place is so good even Obama ate here.

Del Posto

The restaurant defines how fine Italian dining should be. With stylish and sophisticated dining, the restaurant is devoted to refining traditional dishes and flavors for modern palates. The restaurant has a good tasting menu from the Batali/Bastianich region.


The restaurant Lilla stands out amid hundreds of Italian restaurants in Brooklyn. With high-ceilinged, exposed-beam covered whitewashed space, the inner space of the restaurant gives an awesome feeling to be in. You will be impressed with modern Italian food served here. Try for cacio e pepe fritters, bagna cauda, mozzarella and wood-grilled clams. Come hungry, the food is to die for.

Pasquale Jones

The eatery stands among the top best Italian restaurants of New York. Pasquale Jones is a must visit for pizza and pasta lovers. This is not the only reason to visit the eatery; you get a glass of wine as low as $6. The place is clean and tidy just like your grandma’s kitchen. Though you will have a tough time getting the seat here, you will love it once you get to sit down and try the food. You will be served with delicious food in a great atmosphere and treated like a VIP.


Best Places to Get Chinese Food in NYC

Best Places to Get Chinese Food in NYC

Whether if you’re a gourmand or food-curious, willing to explore different cultures through their traditional dishes, Chinese food is a must try. Spicy and exotic, these Asian dishes are perfect if you are searching to impress your date or hang out with friends in a relaxed environment. But in order to get the full, authentic experience of Chinese cuisine, you first need to choose the right place! We’ve prepared for your top 5 places where you can find the best Chinese food in NYC as far as it is concerned ever to a number of people.

1. Shanghai Asian Manor – located in Downtown, Manhattan, this restaurant is definitely the right place to get a Chinese cuisine experience! Highly appreciated for the dumplings, this restaurant seems to bind together the unique taste of China with well-mannered staff and high-class service. If what you are searching for is a dinner that will help you impress your company, then this is the perfect place!

2. Red Farm – is a place where most of the dishes are Chinese, with a twist. Though not 100% traditional, this restaurant will offer tasty, one of a kind dishes that will thrill your senses. The overall atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful, making it a perfect place to hang out and enjoy a calm dinner, away from the outside world.

3. Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen – if you are a noodle lover, then this is the place for you! With a big variety of ramen and noodle recipes, this little restaurant is the perfect choice if you want to have a nice lunch with friends, or take a food break when travelling. The prices are rather affordable and there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

4. Wo Hop – another affordable choice when it comes to Chinese food in this restaurant, located in Chinatown. Filled with locals, Wo Hop seems to be one of the most popular choices for those searching for an authentic Chinese experience. Another plus is the big portions offered, which are enough to fill up anyone!

5. Hakkasan – last but not least, this restaurant is one of the best choices if you’re planning a fancy and impressive dinner. Located in Times Square, Hakkasan is a high-class restaurant which can be perfect for romantic, special occasions or even business meetings. The great variety of options includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, making it perfect for all diets or tastes.